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One-on-one floral workshop


Take a tour with me and learn the ins and outs of floral design! I'm offering select dates for you to participate in a two day workshop focused on centerpiece and bridal bouquet design.



DAY ONE (8am-1pm) - COFEE/TEA and Lunch included

COFFEE or TEA DATE / We will meet for coffee or tea and get to know each other for an hour. In this time I will share my journey with floral design and you can ask any questions you have!

PORTLAND FLOWER MARKET TOUR / I will take you to our local flower market and give you the tour! I'll SHARE MY selectiON process WITH YOU and we'LL choose flowers for your centerpIEce and bridal bouquet.

Studio tour / after the market we will go to my floral studio and i'll give you the tour!

lunch / after processing the flowers and getting them in water, we will have lunch delivered to the studio. (menu will be offered prior to workshop)

WORKSHOP / following lunch i'll teach on vase prep and color theory. next i'll show you hands-on how to structure and design a floral centerpiece. (includes ceramic vase)

DAY TWO (10am-1pm)

WORKSHOP / The next day, we'll meet at my studio where I'll show you how to design a wild bridal bouqueT! (includes hand dyed silk ribbon)

PHOTOSHOOT / after the bridal bouquet tutorial, i'll have A local photographer take photographs of you and your designs to use toward your portfolio! you'll receive the images 1-2 days after the workshop. (Includes 20-30 images)


please contact me for further questions at hello@vanessaschmidt.co

One-on-One Floral Workshop
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