Unfolding / Girl Trip

Unfolding / Girl Trip


6ft x 9ft, 8oz canvas, hand painted, can be used as a wall hanging or tablecloth for gatherings.

this “unfolding” story is very close to my heart (read below) and i created this piece of art in hopes of handing it to someone else.

100% of the proceeds will go towards a woman’s spot at girl trip next year. a place where she can safely unfold with others and continue her journey of vulnerability and community.

the world subtly speaks we need to be strong women... we should be on-guard and ready to fight whoever comes against us. we should be resilient, not letting the pain affect us. we should be without emotion in order to survive... but i find that we are all unfolding. unknown to most, we unfold in the quiet place. our hearts truly feel. our minds recount the moments we’ve been hurt... aware of every painful thing we lay there and we lament to god. let us unite and unfold together. let us be vulnerable around other women so we can receive healing and hope. for when we are weak, then we are strong.

photos by chantel marie

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