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girl trip


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we believe jesus was the son of god and the way he lived and loved people was truly amazing. we believe that following him and practicing what he did brings about the greatest human experience we can have. god knew that life is hard, really hard, so he sent his holy spirit to come live within anybody's heart who believed in him. his holy spirit lives inside us and directly deposits his thoughts, his peace, and his love into our hearts. 

to express all that we believe would easily create too long a novel. but one thing we know for sure is when women come together powerful things start to happen. when we take time to reflect, to look inward, the emotions that get pushed down during our very busy lives start to come up and out. we want to create a safe place for you to process those emotions and receive encouragement and healing - loving words the spirit has to say. 

our heart for girl trip is for you to come rest, create, and grow in jesus. 

rest - we want this to be an ultimate vacation for you. we design the schedule so you can sleep in, have time to get to know the girls, be alone or explore the city! we don't want you to lift a finger so we will be having the meals for girl trip catered! not just any food, but really, really good food!

create - there's creativity in all of us and we want to celebrate and dive into that! for every girl trip we will invite someone from the city we are in to share her craft with us.

grow - we will create time for you to share about yourself and how your year has been - the good and the hard times. wherever your relationship with god is, we invite you to come and receive the things he wants to give you! this is the reason we gather - as much as it's a physical vacation, girl trip is a vacation for the heart, mind, and soul. every woman, you included, has gifts and girl trip is a place to use them or find them for the first time. whether that's in the spirit, creatively, or professionally, we ask god to speak about these things so that we may live a life like him.

a life truly amazing.