Tribes N Pines x American Express


An interview with Gregory Woodman partnering with American Express:

"I recently partnered with American Express to get to know some of my favorite local merchants here in Portland a bit better and learn about their journeys as business owners. Naturally, I thought of Vanessa Schmidt of Tribes N Pines, a floral designer here in Portland, Oregon. Whether she is working within the wedding industry or providing floral designs for shops and homes, she transforms spaces by designing installations with flowers, greenery, and branches.

At only 20 years old, Vanessa started Tribes N Pines because nothing quite suited her in the academic world. She wanted a relaxing place of work where she could come up with new ideas, create art from within, and put it out there when she felt it was ready. 

Her business grew quickly because of her unique floral designs, but also because she took a lot of time and care with her clients. It isn’t just about the flowers, but also about building a relationship with the people of Portland. It’s about what they can create together.

She says she’s proud to welcome American Express as it’s helped her to accept payment with ease, which results in quick moving inventory.  A big part of her business is buying and selling flowers at the Portland flower market, and allowing her customers to pay with their Amex cards keeps them coming back to her.

Business owners like Vanessa are welcoming Amex more than ever. Over 12,000 more places in the Portland area started accepting American Express® Cards in in 2016."

Photographed by Gregory Woodman.

Vanessa Schmidt